Fantasy Technology

    The Alexa Quartet

    January 15, 2017

    Have you met Alexa? No? Then let me introduce you.  She’s the offspring begat by Amazon to be your very own personal assistant.  She joins the company of other disembodied  voices  created to be at your service:  Siri, Cortana, and Miss Google Assistant, who, as far as a know has not yet been granted a Christian name.

    My first encounter with Alexa came as a bit of a shock.  I was enjoying a visit with my extended-family daughter when suddenly I heard said daughter call out in a commanding voice “Alexa, turn off the light.”

    I was startled.  First of all, she’s very polite, so the absence of the word “please” was somewhat surprising.  And even more questionable than her sudden lack of manners was “Who is Alexa?” Continue Reading

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