About Unfiltered Wit Media

Unfiltered Wit Media was born out of Susan Goldfein’s blog that she started shortly after retiring in 2012.  Mainly attracting like-minded women who appreciate inventive, sophisticated humor that is toney, random, and relatable, her blog and recently self-published book – How Old Am I In Dog Years? – pokes fun at the absurdities of life.  Her zest for starting something new in retirement has been an inspiration for other career women who might be timid about leaving a fulfilling professional life behind.

Organizations such as nationally and regionally-recognized career networking groups, women’s leadership trade organizations, retirement associations, financial services firms, etc. seek out Unfiltered Wit Media’s high-spirited team of women for the following services:

  • Guest speaking at annual or quarterly corporate retreats and/or offsite meetings
  • Develop “break-the-ice” witty content as a way to bolster camaraderie among peers and superiors
  • Customize contributing blog content to help such organizations connect with their target audiences.

Unfiltered Wit Media includes a blog catalogue, a speaker’s bureau, career women’s networking events and beyond.

Unfiltered Wit Media reaches out to professional women considering a transition from their current vocations.  Using written humor, such as blogging, and public speaking, UWM eases the way to new choices, be it a second career, retirement, or even un-retiring.  Generating from our own lived experiences, we seek to inspire readers and followers to each find her own voice and full potential after a fulfilling work life.

To reach and inspire a large segment of the more than 30 million female baby boomers who will retire in the next five years.