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Blogging Holidays Rituals


December 31, 2014

So here we are, once again on the threshold of a new year.   How many times in the next 24 hours will you say or think: Where did the time go? So I won’t bother to repeat it here.  (But where did it go?)

Do you still consider making New Year’s resolutions? If you don’t write them down, do you even think about them? I have long ago given up making promises to myself that I will never keep.  If I want to feel bad about myself for being a weakling, I already have sufficient items from prior years to draw upon.

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Blogging Technical Support

A Blog About a Blog (How It All Began)

October 26, 2010

(With apologies to WordPress, who really was very helpful)

Dear Unknown Blog Support Person:

I am following the help desk instructions on your web site so here is my question. I started a blog with you and now want to change the name of the blog and corresponding web address.  How do I do this?  Susan

Do-Not-Reply e-mail response:

Dear Susan: Your question is coming to us through cyberspace as we write and will be answered by one of our friendly customer support people as soon as possible.  We maintain control and you must wait your turn.  Any attempt on your part to respond to this e-mail may result in permanent banishment from our web site.

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