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Lost in Translation

September 16, 2013

I know my little saga started on a Wednesday, because that’s when The New York Times publishes the “Dining” section.  It was my husband who saw the editorial about the gadget which promised to make the world’s best iced coffee.  He knows how much I love iced coffee, right up there on my food list next to Cool Whip.

He was very thoughtful, really, tearing the article out of the paper to save for me before tossing  the rest of the pages onto the floor.  Throwing the sections onto the floor is his way of communicating to me that they may be discarded.  He is a very smart man, but apparently, he is unable to find his own way to the recycling bin.

But I digress.  So I read the article, and am surprised to learn that this miracle machine was created in Japan by a Japanese company.  I know that I might be stereotyping, but I had never before associated the Japanese people with coffee.  Tea, maybe, and definitely saki, but not coffee.  Then, again, I probably underestimate the influence of Starbuck’s on a nation’s palate.

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