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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

September 15, 2012

Winter in Florida is not without its benefits, but each May I do look forward to returning to the Northeast.  So it was with considerable delight that I anticipated my few months in Connecticut.  Little did I know that the summer of 2012 would pit woman against nature and I would become an unwilling extra in an Alfred Hitchcock movie!

It all started early one morning in June.  The sky had just become light when my husband was perturbed enough to risk awakening me.  “Listen,” he asked, “do you hear it?”  “This better be good,” I responded.  He said “I hear a rapping and a tapping.”  “You woke me up to recite The Raven?”  “No, there’s a noise, like someone tapping with a hammer.”  I hadn’t heard the rapping, but the insistent sound that came next was my car alarm.

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