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Nook, Book or Kindle?

December 2, 2013

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was just The Book.  No, not THAT book, but a book.  You remember.  Actual printed pages encased between two covers.  And the only decision to be made was whether to buy the hard cover edition or wait for the cheaper, lighter weight paperback version.

Then along comes the e-reader, turning the most authentic of the three R’s completely on its head.  (Actually, it’s the only authentic R, “writing” and “’rithmetic” not actually beginning with an R at all.  Having been exposed to this corruption at a tender age, it’s a wonder the lot of us didn’t  grow up dyslexic.)

I for one did not immediately embrace this new technology, stubbornly adhering to the belief that  books are not supposed to come with batteries and charger cords.  But eventually I did succumb, and now do most of my reading on an I-Pad.

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