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Relaxation 101

February 15, 2014

So I just had another birthday.  How do I feel about that? Since you only stop having them after you’re dead, I guess I feel pretty good.  In fact, I’ve recently made some serious investments in the future by electing to renew my car registration for two years instead of one, and my membership in AARP for another five.  How’s that for a burst of optimism? 

But birthdays do tend to make one pause and take inventory.  Body parts, for instance.  All in all, I’m not doing too badly.   My knees still bend and I am able to navigate a staircase.  Which is handy as my bedroom is on the second floor.   My hips remain, as always, too wide, but the joints are articulating.    My back?  I’d rather not discuss it.  Let’s just say it’s no worse.  And I’m grateful that during the past year gravity has not been too unkind to those anatomical structures that tend to obey Newton’s law.

There has, however, been a slight change in my vision.  My annual visit to my eye doctor resulted, for the first time, in a prescription for distance glasses, which he suggested I use for driving.  In an attempt at myopic humor, he also remarked that I wouldn’t be able to fly an airplane without them.  I dutifully laughed, and commented that this would not have a significant impact on my life.   Nevertheless, just in case, I make sure to include them in my carry-on bag.

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